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“How To Get FREE Houses in England,
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, by
Tapping Into This 'Secret Market'...”

I've discovered a secret 'pocket' of today's property economy that
gives you access to thousands of people who are BEGGING to
sign over their homes to you... deals that are worth an instant
£5,361.87... £18,797.62... even £43,159.62 or more, TAX FREE.

But don't believe me just yet. I'll help you get your first
'no money down' deal in 30 days or less... FREE...
or you won't pay me a penny for my help!

Dear Frustrated 'Economy Victim',

Starting today, with nothing more than the crumbs in your trouser pocket...

What if you could own a minimum £1 million worth of UK property... houses in your name... in just 8 short months from now, like I did?

What if that million-pound portfolio could be yours without dipping into any savings, maxing out credit cards or ever committing one shiny penny of your own money the entire time?

What if - despite that - you could still be the direct beneficiary of every rent cheque and every penny it swells in value?

And what if I guaranteed to help find your first property in under 30 days flat... starting today, with no money down... and I promised to help get your first deal, free of charge, the very first month... before you spend a penny?

Maidstone, Kent —
£69,040.62 'cash back'

  • Type: 2 bedroom flat
  • Valuation: £120,000
  • Purchase: £30,000 + 1 year rent free
  • Mortgage raised: £104,542
  • Cashback: £69,040.62
  • Equity: £15,458
  • Money down: £0


If owning millions of pounds worth of houses... homes that build wealth and automatically multiply in value whether you're working, sleeping, or sipping margaritas on a far-flung island excites you, then this could be the most important letter you'll read this year.

Because I've discovered the secret very few really know...

You can buy houses.... FREE!

This is no joke, or theoretical gimmick. In fact, I've done it myself - many times over.

Whether you're a veteran of 'Buy To Let', an off-plan investor, a renegade estate agent with an eye on new builds... or, even if you've never so much as bought a shed from B&Q...

Give me the chance, and I'll make you privy to a secret - free - that made me a 'property millionaire' inside of 4 months... a 'trick' I repeated five times over by month nine!

If I can do it, anyone can. To this day, I still have trouble wiring a plug... so if you're shaking your head at the daunting prospect of owning millions of pounds worth of property in the UK, you'll be pleased to know that there's...

NO experience required!

My method has made property millionaires out of entrepreneurs, students, home-makers, and grandmothers alike... 9 to 5'ers, ex-supermarket employees, as well as top-flight executives.

You don't need to know the first thing about building, owning or managing houses. You don't need any working capital. If you can read and speak English, punch numbers into a computer and dial digits on a phone... you can pull profit from the UK property market.

That's because...

People are BEGGING to give their
homes away to you!

It's true. You can be paid tens of thousands of pounds for signing paper that shifts ownership of houses to you.

And what's more, you can extract this cash legally, and tax-free... every time you do.

We'll get to that in just a moment.

If you're new to this game, you might be asking...

WHAT makes property so valuable?

Since 1954, houses have doubled in price like clockwork every 7 years... that's an average leap of 15% for every calendar year. It sure beats 3% inflation barely offset by 2% bank interest on cash capital!

Belle Isle, Leeds —
£15,000 instant equity

  • Type: 3 bedroom semi
  • Valuation: £100,000
  • Purchase: £77,500
  • Mortgage raised: £85,000
  • Cashback: £5,361.87
  • Equity: £15,000
  • Money down: £0

And even if you finance a property - you still own it.

The bank pays for the property, but while the bricks and mortar increase in value over time, the loan on the property stays the same... and it's you that benefits from the swelling value.

So why aren't MORE people investing in property?

Well, like most things in life, there's a catch.

In a rising market, when houses are shooting up in value, the banks are only too eager to lend you 90% of the home's value in the form of a mortgage.

Typically, you'd pony up a small deposit, hopefully get a tenant through the door, and if you did your sums right... you'd be making enough rent to cover the mortgage. Voila. A free house (albeit one with the regular management headaches!)

But TODAY'S economy has forced a HUGE change... BUT one that provides a huge opportunity for the smart investor! (We'll come to that in a moment.)

In today's turbulent property market... where houses could dump 10% of their value at a whim... and banks are struggling to stay afloat... no-one's lending 90%. Why would they? That 90% they gave you could be worth MORE than the property in a few months time. There's too little security for the banks to care.

Now, you'll be lucky to find yourself with a 70% mortgage offer. That means you cough-up 30% of the property's value on day one. Let's see what that looks like...

The average home in the UK now costs £222,256 and thanks to the global credit crunch, the 30% required down payment (minimum!) would require a cool £66,676.80 out-lay before you've even found a tenant to live there and pay you rent.

And if you don't find a tenant for a couple of months, any idea what happens?

You're throwing away another £1,500 - £2,000 a month on mortgage payments... every month!

Is it any wonder the newspapers are screaming "WARNING!!" ?

Luckily, there's a way to buy houses that drains nothing from your bank account each month, and means...

NO money out of your own pocket - EVER!

For the record, when I'm talking about making money from property, I'm not suggesting you buy a bunch of houses and let them stew in the hope of some "future pay off" whilst you throw cash down the money pit.

The kind of property deals I personally do now...

  • Make money NOW... as in, from day numero uno
  • Require NO money down. I don't commit a penny of my own cash... not even as a deposit
  • Have 'BUILT-IN' EQUITY... from the moment I pen my signature on the loan
  • SWELL in value in 18-24 months... and will double inside of 5-7 years
  • PAY for the mortgage every month, without fail... automatically
  • Are completely FREE. They cover absolutely ALL costs themselves

99.9% of property deals don't fit this criteria. I'm only interested in the 0.01% that do. And I've discovered a system of unearthing an endless supply of the ones that do... literally, hundreds of them a MONTH, ripe for the picking.

It works so well, that I don't even look for them any more... THEY FIND ME!

You won't find these deals packaged on any website... and most estate agents I've spoken with don't even realise they exist. In fact, to most property investors, this corner of the market is completely unknown.

I'd be highly surprised if you (or anyone you know) is doing what I'm doing... VERY FEW people are. And despite any ideas you may have in your head... like 'buy-to-let', off-plan, HMOs or any other industry buzzword... this strategy remains largely untapped.

BETTER than Buy-To-Let...

Buying a property for the sole purpose of renting it out is great in theory. But in today's marketplace, the deal turns sour faster than stale milk when it's time to raise the mortgage.

Croydon, Surrey —
£18,797.62 'cash back'

  • Type: 3 bed semi
  • Valuation: £245,000
  • Purchase: £200,000
  • Mortgage raised: £208,250
  • 12 months rent upfront: £12,600
  • Cashback: £18,797.62
  • Equity: £36,750
  • Money down: £0

For starters, the credit crunch has almost entirely annihilated 100% finance options. The High Street banks have been pulling the plug on these left and right... and offshore financing options have been shutting up shop literally overnight.

It used to be possible to borrow up to 25% above the property value, leaving you with a tax-free, low-interest loan you could pull out and use for repairs, decorating, or to throw into reserves for monthly loan payments.

That's no longer the case.

Instead, you're shelling out your own cash for a deposit from the get-go... which I rarely recommend doing for investment property. The whole point of my system is that you don't risk a penny of your own cash.

If you do and the deal tanks... you're screwed.

Then of course, there's the dreaded "void" months.

What happens if you don't have a tenant covering your loan costs? With the low margins of buy-to-let, even a single unoccupied month of the year can swallow your entire annual profits.

Along with advertising, estate agent "management fees" (up to 20% of your take), maintenance, repairs, late-night calls, and the constant dread of property damage and worse -- no tenants! -- BTL isn't all it's cracked up to be.

BETTER than off-plan...

Off-plan investments often promise the earth, but the fact is, they're no better than any other form of speculative investing.

Anything can happen between signing off on a deal, and having bottoms occupying the pre-packed furniture seats in your new investment apartment!

These deals often require large up-front deposits, and can take years to realise gains. All the while, you're paying off a loan using your own money... on a pile of bricks yet to be cemented!

BETTER than new builds...

New builds are even worse than off-plan. At least off-plan has the potential for equity realisation by the time the last lick of paint has been applied. By the time you sign off on a new build, though, the building has probably already seen 2-3 price increases... and you're jumping on the back of a loaded bandwagon!

Birmingham —
£36,150 instant equity

  • Type: 3 bedroom semi
  • Valuation: £135,000
  • Purchase: £86,500
  • Mortgage raised: £98,850
  • Cashback: £10,252.12
  • Equity: £36,150
  • Money down: £0

Worse, have you ever noticed the sheer number of new builds cluttering up the websites of RightMove and others?

Why do you think that is?

The reason's simple: Investors were promised huge gains, so instead of real tenants occupying the listed apartments, it's actually a bunch of investors who likely live nowhere near the plot who are competing with each other to shift their empty lots to an unsuspecting public.

What do you think happens when there's 25 identical apartments listed on a rental website?

Yes, you've guessed it... prices are driven down by competing investors!

If I own plot # 4 and you own plot # 5, how are you going to out-sell me? That's right... you're going to look at my listing, and put the rent down £20 a month. Of course, I'll do the same... and you'll respond... until we've priced each other out of profit!

I steer clear of UK new builds for this reason. Make no mistake: the UK market has bottomed-out, and there's simply not the rapid growth necessary to shift multi-plot developments profitably in most areas of the country without pricing ourselves out of the game.

How to make MEGA-GAINS in an UNSTABLE market!

The old ways don't work so well in the current market. The newspapers are right... UK property is risky!

Despite that... in my 8 month 'shopping spree' that continued well into 2008, I bought £4.9 million of property for £3.7 million of other peoples' money (and none of my own), with £1.2 million in instant equity, and over £157,000 tax-free 'cashback' that I was able to extract risk-free from the mortgage lenders.

And don't think this is a fluke, either.

Grimsby, Lincolnshire —
£25,000 day one equity

  • Type: 2 bed semi
  • Valuation: £100,000
  • Purchase: £75,000
  • Mortgage raised: £73,712.79
  • Cashback: £1,287.21
  • Equity: £25,000
  • Money down: £0

I'm still buying houses TODAY using the exact same method that built my first £5 million portfolio.

And I still haven't spent a penny out of my own pocket.

Suffice to say... My strategy is slightly different.

I concentrate exclusively on "rent backs" - sellers who are motivated to give away their properties at rock-bottom prices, and remain living there (and paying rent!), all the while being funded by my close-knit financing group.

This is a whole different approach.

With rent backs...

  • You can purchase bargain property, at prices you won't find listed with any estate agent, or on any website. One deal I did recently snagged me an end-terrace worth £85,000... for a mere £25K!
  • You need none of your own money. Because you'll be purchasing way below value, you'll qualify for 60-80% loans (I refer my clients to brokers who know this business model inside out), meaning - no upfront deposit of any kind from you (And this is PLENTY enough to cover you, since you'll be buying so far below value that you'll need none of your own money).
  • You'll have 'built-in' tenants. I scope property with current owners who wish to stay there, and trade their mortgage payments for long-term rental agreements. You won't have to worry about 'void' months!
  • You can re-finance these properties 18-36 months from now, often for double what you paid... all the while keeping your 'built-in' tenant, and doing right by them.
  • Most have instant 'cashback', meaning, the mortgage you receive from your lender is higher than what you've agreed to offer the existing owner. Go ahead, use it how you want... this money is totally tax-free, and is paid back automatically by the market when you sell your house or rent over the longer term.

If you've been following along, there's probably one burning question on your mind at this point...

Why would ANYONE give away
their property SO CHEAP?

It might seem like a tough concept to grasp, but there are quite literally thousands of people - right now - who would would sell their home to you for tens of thousands of pounds less than they'd get from an estate agent.

Crewe, Cheshire —
£2,244.62 pocketed

  • Type: 3 bed terrace
  • Valuation: £85,000
  • Purchase: £68,000
  • Mortgage raised: £72,270
  • Cashback: £2,244.62
  • Equity: £12,750
  • Money down: £0

Why would they hand over a hefty profit to you - a stranger - and not maximise its sale value?

If you list a house via an estate agent, you actually need to sell it. That part's obvious. But what these people are specifically interested in is remaining there... i.e. they don't want to physically move out.

Often, they want quick cash. They may have purchased the home years ago for 1/8th of what it's worth today... and have a practical or sentimental reason for wanting to stick where they are.

Consider a recent purchase of mine...

A woman in her 70s had bought her house for £8,000 about 35 years ago. Widowed and without a family, she had no heirs to the home she would want to pass it onto... and in her advancing years, wanted to enjoy life a little more.

Worth £85,000 today, I agreed to purchase her home for £25K cash... a lump sum that'd do wonders for her lifestyle... as well as allow her to live rent-free for the next 5 years.

It was win-win. I mortgaged the property for around £66,000 (76% of its value), gave £25K to the vendor, kept £20K aside to pay off loan payments for the next five years, paid all legal costs and extracted a tax-free 'cashback' bonus of £20,000 after all expenses.

She had lived in the property for decades, and knew every nook and cranny. Her sentimental attachment meant she'd take good care of the place... and it needed no extensive repairs.

I voluntarily replaced her fireplace and did a little cosmetic work... around £4K total... since it was such a good deal. All it took was a phone call to a local supplier. It's not like I needed to go round there with a toolbox and start chiseling away!

Lincoln, Lincolnshire —
£5,981.12 day one cash

  • Type: 2 bed terrace
  • Valuation: £100,000
  • Purchase: £77,000
  • Mortgage raised: £85,000
  • Cashback: £5,981.12
  • Equity: £15,000
  • Money down: £0

In 5 years' time, if she still wants to live there, she'll renew her lease and pay rent. If she wants to move out (she had indicated interest in a retirement community), I can sell the house or choose to rent it to someone else. History has indicated that the house will be worth close to double its original estimate five years down the line...

That's £170K. After paying back the mortgage, legal fees, estate agent costs and advertising... even going through the "regular" channels... it's still a cool £90,000 in my pocket.

And that's just ONE deal.
I'm averaging ten per month!

Oh, by the way... in case you were wondering... I completed on that property on July 11th, 2008... a good 12 months after the newspapers were screaming "Property crisis!". Credit crunch, schmedit-crunch!

Now, to be completely responsible, let's be frank... obviously not every deal is quite so generous.

The typical 'cashback' is in the range of £3-5K per, and equity is anywhere from £10-50K. That's my mean range.

There will be deals that provide no immediate upfront cash benefit of any kind. But those are great too. What you have is a free house, that you own, that will continue to grow in value when this bottomed-out market slump starts climbing back north.

And your costs are covered every month by rent... so you're never out of pocket.

The point is, none of these houses cost me a penny to buy!

They're funded entirely by mortgage payments. If the figures don't add up, I don't buy in. The house is used as security, so my personal funds are never at risk.... so if something were ever to go wrong, my portfolio is immune.

And since 1954, houses have doubled in value every 7 years - religiously! I ensure all the deals I do have a solid long-term cover plan... so I'm never paying a single penny out of pocket, from the moment I fill out the loan paperwork, to the time of its eventual sale... whether now or years later!

The SECRETS "they" won't tell you...

As I've mentioned, very few people are actively pursuing this sector of the market... and even those that are, aren't making it so easy - or fun! - as I am.

I've perfected a system for finding and closing fat-profit rent back deals that work TODAY for massive gains.

Unlike some other property-peddlers selling information (who shall remain nameless), I actually use this same system myself to build a growing UK portfolio. You can bet no matter what time of the day it is, I have at least a couple of deals at some stage in the pipeline... ready to send a nice, fat, tax-free payout to my bank account.

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire —
£15,000 immediate equity

  • Type: 3 bed terrace
  • Valuation: £100,000
  • Purchase: £81,000
  • Mortgage raised: £85,000
  • Cashback: £1,929.62
  • Equity: £15,000
  • Money down: £0

You should know, this isn't something I spend hours a day doing. It takes a few hours per week, tops... and I now have a personal assistant who does the majority of work for me.

I guard my time fiercely, and have made this business easy and efficient. I have too many other interesting things to do in my life than to crunch numbers all day. You can appreciate that, right?

Could this be YOUR strategy for cashing in on UK property NOW?

So with all that said, let's get down to the real reason you're here.

To make ridiculous profits from the UK property market - right?

That's why you'll be pleased to know I've written a 136-page tactical exposé on how to build a million-pound property portfolio as quickly as I did.

How would it feel if you could actually be closing deals this week?

My guide is called Property Crash Profits, and it's a hardcore, no-fluff, down-to-action manual for making quick profits in property.

It's designed to get you signing deals fast. I'm not interested in wasting time... so if you're expecting a riveting novel that'll entertain you for a few hours, before being left to collect dust on a bookshelf - this isn't for you.

On the other hand, if you want a blunt, to-the-point training manual on EXACTLY what to do today to start making the phone ring with motivated sellers begging to give away their property to you... then you absolutely must have Property Crash Profits in your arsenal.

My exposé reveals...

In less than two hours from when the guide hits your inbox, you'll learn...

  • How I went from £400 in my back pocket and a spot on a friend's couch in Shepherd’s Bush... to £4.9 million pounds in property (page 5)
  • The 3 principles of successful property investing... miss any one of these, and you're dead in the water! (page 6)
  • What's the ratio of "phone rings" to "closed deal"? My average is... (page 9)
  • The 'buy-to-let' beater... this model virtually guarantees 100% property occupancy, and no 'void' months (the word is 'rent backs' - now let me show you how) (page 15)
  • Three proven systems to have motivated vendors contact YOU (pages 17-37)
  • You will generate 80% of your property leads through ________ (page 18)
  • How to identify high-swelling property profits before you set foot through the door... these pictures show exactly the kind of house you'll want to target (page 23)
  • How to prospect with flyers.. BUT, make certain you visit THIS website before you do ANY leaflet distribution! (page 22)
  • NEVER post a leaflet through the door of a _____ (page 22)
  • The one-line newspaper blurb I use to recruit quality leaflet distributors, anywhere in the UK (page 24)
  • Automate your recruitment for property prospectors for less than £20, at www.___________ and then just copy this ad... (page 25)
  • Get motivated sellers by posting an ad on this website... (page 31)
  • How to get your phone ringing with people begging to give their property to you... in less than one hour (page 40)
  • Step-by-step guide to getting a lead capture page online in minutes... with no 'web skills' (pages 41-43)
  • How to scale your advertising nationwide... with no more effort than buying locally (page 45)
  • How to get people to answer your property prospect's phone calls 24 hours a day... whilst you're sunning it up on the beach. Just go to _______ (page 46)
  • To close deals faster, ALWAYS _____ (page 48)
  • Two strategies to decide in three minutes if a seller will do business with you (page 50)
  • 7 magic words to say first on the phone that will get you all the information you need to know (page 50)
  • The VERY FIRST line you should always say to your motivated seller on the phone (page 51)
  • The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th questions you should ask to close a deal... in exactly this order! (page 52)
  • How to value any property in the UK... without ever leaving your couch (page 52)
  • Discover the sale history of every house on any street... for free at www.__________ (page 60)
  • How I cashed out £10,564.48 tax free on a £85,000 winner, which I almost let slip... thanks to this one little website (page 66)
  • How to see your investment from satellite - along with the entire street - without budging from your seat (you probably know about Google Earth - but do you know about this other site? - page 67)
  • 5 real-life negotiation conversations with vendors (pages 67-81)
  • My survival guide to killer negotiating over the phone... and face-to-face (pages 69-83)
  • 11 more money-making negotiation strategies gleaned from first-hand experience
  • Stay ahead of the competition with this "unfair" strategy (page 75)
  • What can you afford to offer your motivated seller? Use this special formula, and you'll know to the nearest penny (page 88)
  • Maintenance-free 'buy-to-let'? How to shift responsibility to your tenant (page 89)
  • See over the shoulder of a LIVE deal I recently completed... all cashflow calculations included (page 91)
  • Putting together your first real deal, calculating rent coverage, and making your offer - quickly (pages 91-100)
  • Learn from the easy, dumb mistakes that will cost you tens of thousands of pounds if you're not careful! This alone is worth tens of thousands of pounds! (page 91)
  • The one thing you MUST DO to guarantee long-term cashflow in a rent back deal (page 111)

"How much is a £4.9 million property
portfolio really worth to you?2

In 8 months, I bought almost 5 million pounds in property... using none of my own money.

I've extracted £151,976 tax-free cash, have over £1.2 million in equity (vs. the loan value) and in 6 years' time, history predicts my portfolio will be worth close to £10,000,000. That's 7 zeros... in 8 months!

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire —
Bought £25,000 below value

  • Type: 3 bed terrace
  • Valuation: £145,000
  • Purchase: £120,000
  • Mortgage raised: £123,250
  • Cashback: £984.62
  • Equity: £25,000
  • Money down: £0

But by now, that's old news.

You need a system that works TODAY, right? Even 3 months ago is "ancient" in this fast market!

Truthfully, if I told you the kinds of deals I'm doing now, you probably wouldn't believe me. They're THAT good. But I can share a few figures of recent activity...

In the last 6 weeks alone, I've closed enough deals to pull out £52,300 tax-free, with close to £300,000 in equity on my latest deals. I did this part-time and my prospecting was 100% automated. I didn't lift a finger.

And that's SIX weeks, part time. Pull out a calculator and see what that totals every week... or even every hour. It's scary how well this works!

That is the power of my Property Crash Profits strategy.

And I'm ready to show you how.

The good news is, there are so many of these property deals when you know how to find them, that I couldn't possibly keep up. There are just too many. That's why I have no quibbles with teaching this technique to a small group of select, serious UK property fortune-seekers.

The GOOD news is...

You don't need any experience with investing... or even with property. You don't need to know a mallet from a wrench, have any clue on how to fix up houses, or even know the first thing about wiring a plug socket to make big profits from owning houses.

How much is this worth to you?

I've attended workshops that charge £5,000+ for this information. At twice the price, it'd still be worth it. It has literally made me millions in the past year, and you could recoup that investment in your very first deal.

Gateshead, Newcastle —
£43,159.62 instant 'cash back'

  • Type: 3 bed terrace
  • Valuation: £85,000
  • Purchase: £25,000 + 5 years rent included
  • Mortgage raised: £69,500
  • Cashback: £43,159.62
  • Equity: £15,500
  • Money down: £0

However, I'm not going to charge that.

My price for this guide is £37. It's ridiculously cheap. And the reason for this is that I hope you'll turn to me for all your property investing needs. (I'm involved in some huge projects that I disclose only to close friends, family members... and my Property Crash Profits VIPs!)

I also have clients who get so inspired by my tactics, that they pay me thousands of pounds to put in the leg-work for them.

If you think that's expensive... you should see how much money my clients make!

But I'll go one step better for you, my friend.

I'm going to set you a challenge...

I'll help you buy your first
property RISK-FREE
in the next 30 days or less.

How about this...

I'll send you my guide RISK-FREE for you to use, for the next 30 days.

If you don't make your first deal in the next 30 days or less, send me details on how you tried... and I'll refund absolutely every penny you paid.

If you do make the deal, get out the bubbly... you're on the road to riches.

No hassle, no fuss, no risk.

Can't say fairer than that.

POLITE NOTICE: Property Crash Profits is intended for serious investors who want an accelerated, fast-track advantage for building million-pound portfolios as quickly as possible.

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned expert... or a complete newbie, ready to break his or her virginity on your first deal. You are welcome to try out this product, kick its tyres and explore the benefits... at zero risk, for a full 30 days.

GET IN - before the doors slam shut!

Property Crash Profits is scheduled to receive limited distribution... on purpose.

When I've sold a few copies, I evaluate my available time and concentrate on the needs of my current membership. With financing, consulting and high-end services... I keep very busy with my serious investors.

If at any stage I find myself over-extended... I will close this page, and put all new clients on a waiting list.

This is no gimmick, it's simple maths.

I make a lot of money with my own portfolio - and helping others build theirs. There are only so many hours in the day.

So, expect this offer to be pulled at any time.

Click the link below, fill out the secure order form and start your RISK-FREE 30-day trial... and you'll have your copy of the course rushed to you by e-mail within ten minutes of purchasing.

Don't worry - it's in PDF format, so you'll be able to read it on your computer, or print it out for later.

Do it NOW - click on the following link to begin YOUR adventure:

Your total cost is �37. No hidden extras. Price includes VAT. Click to buy NOW!

Yours in UK property success,

                 Will Clarkson, Property Crash Profits

                Will Clarkson.
                Author, Property Crash Profits


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